The sound of my day (final)

Rat-a-tat tat!

4:35 am! Rat-a-tat. It’s time to get up!

Aww, I hit the snooze  Nine more minutes please…

Rat-a-tat-TAT-TAT! OK I’m up! 

To the beat I march semi- soldier like,

but there are no drill sergeants in sight

To work I go to cook and clean

At home I return do the same for me

My day unfolds the humming of a low  staccato

No real rush now just a slow and steady outflow


Noontime arrives and with it the snares crescendo

A bright clattering of beats moves me to dance

I move back and forth as if in a trance

like a marching band of one,

a lone woman show.

Out the door and in my car I go

I rush to class that starts at 1!

As I drive my speakers blow

the beginning of

Eryka’s ‘window seat’ a hiphop flow

Rat a tat tat-tat, tat- tat ta-tat

The initial drumbeat pulls out in front  

To lead the beats along

Paired with strings getting plucked

And winded toots of the brass

My day is winding down to dusk

The evening breaks

the drum decrescendoes

quieter and quieter still until to bed I go

The day ends with a fading pitch beat

silence comes over me as I fall asleep

in my bed poised to awaken and repeat.

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