The Big Apple finale

As she stood in front of the window wall looking down at the street below, from behind her she perceives his arms envelope her waistline and his warm breath on the nape of her neck. A surge of dopamine rushed through her veins as she momentarily held her breath at his embrace. His movements soft and resolute he continued to breathe in the sweet smell of her hair. All the while, close enough for her to feel his breath but not coming into contact with her skin. His hands alternately touched her waist, caressed her thighs, squeezed her ass as he deliberately avoided her sacred space. After what seemed an eternity to her she attempted to turn around to kiss him. He abruptly grabbed her wrists and placed her hands against the window wall. Now facing the window with the Big Apple watching she assumed the position of a criminal being arrested. Her mind started to race fast enough to match the rate of her pounding heartbeats. She wondered what he was doing exactly, and tried to ask him but he would not respond. He continued to breathe in her scent as if committing it to memory. His hands now moving up and down the length of her body. Lightly touching her and there. Applying a bit more pressure in random places but still, with dogged determination evading her crotch which at this point was throbbing and begging to be touched. Between rhythmic panting she forced the words from her lips,”Touch me there.” He paused but gave no response. Instead, he proceeded to remove her pants. While he was squatting to take her pants from around her ankles she turned and took her hands down from the window wall. He stopped what he was doing. He stood up grabbed her wrists and turned her again to face the window with her palms on the wall. She tried to speak up in protest and he sweetly smiled and raised his index finger to his lips. He resumed his mission to strip her down with nothing to cover her but her pumps.

Slightly confused, but extremely curious she stood with her palms against the wall as naked as the day she was born. He stood behind seemingly taking in every delicate detail of her womanly curves. Silent with words, yet loud with expression was the look on his face. He appeared pleased at what he saw and seemingly ravenous as if he was part beast. “Tell me you want me to touch you” he said. “You know that I do!” she gasped. His expression grew serious as he approached her. He was still fully clothed and seemed to admire her naked vulnerability as he explored her anatomy, first with his hands and now with his lips.

His slouched down to begin his prospecting of the treasure he was sure to find with his lips. First her ass moving down the length of legs that are long enough to carry close to six feet of a grown woman. He sedulously examined each of her limbs as if searching for the most minute details. The closer his mouth came to the heat between her thighs the harder the pulse that was now inside her lips became. He still refused her the pleasure of his touch. He climbed between her legs and situated himself on the floor facing her, his back facing the cityscape in the window. He looked up at her smiling. Her poise continued to be in the assumed position. Neither of them spoke a word. She was hot as a firecracker! Her pussy was throbbing and she wanted to do something about it. He had already declared himself Alpha. She was in submission inwardly and assuming the position outwardly.

After a small staring contest between them he allowed her a small victory. His smile faded and his gaze fell from her eyes to her lips below. He moved in closer to her and stopped just short of touching her sweet-spot. Trying her patience and testing her will at the same time with his two thumbs he spread open her lips and blew on her clit. Her insides were so fevered by this point that she could discern his breath and her knees buckled. He quickly gathered her knees onto his shoulders and caught her backside, lifting her onto the bed beside them. Both of his hands gripped both cheeks of her ass as he buried his face between her legs. With rapacious energy his tongue massaged her clit. Her hips moved back and forth in perfect motions with the wildly staccato rhythm of his head. His proficient technique took her over the edge in a very short time. She erupted into multi-orgasms and pulled her legs together and up to her chest. She shuddered and cried out every few seconds as she rocked herself in fetal position.

“You’re the two-minutes girl today I see!” he said as he stood and began to undress.

He grinned with a smile like that of the cat that ate the canary as he watched her rock and wail throughout the pulses of her orgasms. Her cries provoked his libido so much that his dicc throbbed. This episode was a long time coming and his hunger for her had become excruciating. He climbed onto the bed. Her multiples concluded, she lay there still and serene. He paused to look at her lying there. He adored her beauty inside and out. Naked and esurient for her body he laid on his side behind her. He placed his chest against her back and began to breathe in her scent as he gently brushed the skin of her thighs with his fingers. He reached in between her thighs and subtly raised her leg. He proceeded to penetrate her and murmured as her wetness spilled onto him. He thought he would just slide in but he was met with a slight resistance. Her pussy was tighter than he expected. The multiple contractions of her orgasms caused her pelvic floor to shrink up. His member was not one of typical measure. He had incidents past where he left his lover in need of an ice pack and a few days to recover. This lover was not average either she nearly stood eye to eye with him at 6 feet tall and she was a good sized girl with curvy hips and big sexy legs. He knew she could hold him and reciprocate his thrusts.

He repositioned himself over her and gently rolled her onto her back. Once again in a desperate attempt to minimize the pulsating in his dicc he mounted and penetrated her. His first few strokes were gentle and shallow he moved slowly at first to revel in the heavenly grip of her love button. He soon lost himself in the rhythm of his strokes. Enthralled in this episode of lovemaking with this beautiful woman that had fantasized about for months he moved between her legs with sheer wantonness. As he went deeper and opened her up she cried out to god, and he noticed her slightly pull away. He placed his hand on her neck and whispered in her ear,”Oh no you’re not going anywhere! You wanted this dicc so lay there and take it!” As his dicc probed deeper into her she began to chant a song of pleasure and pain. He could discern by the tone of her cries that he was hitting the bottom and it was hurting her. He slowed his motions and asked if she wanted him to stop. She replied by putting both her hands on his ass and pulling him into her. “No daddy. Give it to me!”

Her reply fueled his desire for her his face got heated and his blood pumped harder. He slipped his arms underneath hers and gripped her shoulders. With all his strength he breached her pelvic region with robust inapt thrusts threatening to break the bed. Her cries turned to screams as she exploded from the inside again into multiples. The warmth of her coital juices on his dicc sent him into a fleeing state of delirium and he climaxed so hard that his movements resembled that of an epileptic. As The orgasmic fluids left his body so did his energy. He collapsed beside her. She huddled close to him looking for comfort as her body slackened into his. Both awed at the phenomenal connection they shared. Exhausted from the amazing sex they had they drifted off to sleep together in the city that never sleeps.

The end

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