I’m a Trump supporter

I got to talk with a cousin of mine yesterday on Facebook messenger. It’s kinda funny how it happened. Someone sent me a short video of President Obama talking about Trump and his supporters. I am not politically inclined but I liked what Obama was saying so I forwarded the video along. As I was choosing Facebook friends to forward the video to, I hit the send button next to my cousin Billys name. In the seconds following I thought that I recalled him being a Trump supporter. I thought to myself oh well it’s done now! Moments later Billy responded with,”I’m a Trump supporter.”

A little backstory so you get the context. Billy is my first cousin Randys son who is the son of my mother’s brother. My mother Mary is Irish and Cherokee and my dad was an African American. I am only recently getting to know this side of my (mommas) family.

My response to Billy was deliberate and honest. I’m aware of the tension that talk about Trump can cause among those who don’t agree. I said to Billy, “I respect that. Everyone has a right to believe what they want.” A conversation developed as he began to list all the things that he believed about Trump and his presidency. How Trump wants the same things Obama did. How the media has portrayed Trump in a way not true to his character. I didn’t care to have a political argument. I don’t hold much hope in politics or politicians but Billy had much to say about the potus. I listened and carefully responded in a calculated manner. We are family but don’t know each other so I didn’t want to offend him. I expressed wanting to meet my uncle (his grandfather) and he says “You’re not missing much!” My cousin referred to my uncle as an ass. Also that he didn’t know that I existed until a few years ago! My concerns were less about the president and more about the fact that he didn’t know about me! I didn’t know that I was a dirty little secret!

I hate that the color of your skin has such power as to divide families (and countries). The fact that my father was black caused me to be nonexistent in my own family and that is crazy! I wonder what Trump would say about that? I wonder if my cousin Billy would agree?


  1. My dad found a cousin we didn’t know we had through ancestry with a similar back story (her grandfather had disowned her father for marrying a black woman). We finally got to meet her in February. She is amazing and also a writer and feels more like the sister I never had than a cousin. She actually wrote/edited a book called Being Biracial. Not sure if you are looking for community but if you are find me on Facebook and I’ll introduce you or you can look her up at Mutiracial Media. She’s very extroverted and open to new people.

    PS. Sorry for the tangent. This article was unexpected. I clicked thinking it would go another direction and was pleasantly surprised, although sorry you have to deal with all of that. ❤

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