Rat-a-tat tat! My alarm goes off at 4:35 am! Rat-a-tat. Tit-a-tit! It’s time to get up! Aww, I sigh as I reach over to hit the snooze button. Nine more minutes please…as the rhythmic beating of the snare increases in volume it wakes me and I sit up and fight the urge of every cell in my body to stay in my warm bed.

Rat a tat tat ta tat tat is the sound that moves me into the start of my day. To the beat I march semi- soldier like, but no drill sergeants in sight, to work at 5am to cook breakfast for the clients in the group home. Once I am done cooking and cleaning at work at 9 I return home to do the same for my mom and son. The snare is humming a low staccato at this time of the morning. No real rush now just a slow and steady pattern of forward movement.

Noontime arrives and with it the snare picks up the pace. A bright clattering of beats coming across my ears picking up the pace to hurry me along. It’s like a marching band of one, a lone woman show. I can’t be late class starts at 1! I take a shower and dress bobbing my head to the fast rattling coming from the hip-hop beats made by the snares steady rat-a-tat-tat-tiss. Out the door and in my car I go en route to creative writing class. As the snare in the beginning of Eryka’s ‘window seat’ comes through the speakers I tap my fingers on the steering wheel to the sound. The initial drumbeat introduces the vibrations and melodies that follow in the song as my day moves along at a steady pace. Continuing until the evening breaks the snare begins to quiet as the drum is struck further from the center and closer to the rim. The same I can say of me as the sun goes down and the nights sky gets darker the pace of my steps gets slower. The day ends with a fading of the pitch and a deceleration of speed until a complete silence comes over me as I fall asleep in my bed poised to awaken and repeat.