Homework for the weekend in Intro to creative writing is to write a six word memoir about my New Years and a haiku. I’m a little troubled by the haiku!😱 You write a specific amount of syllables? So I’ve gotta get that one down first but I got my memoir!

“Quiet solitude lead to lazy slumber” Pretty crazy night that was! Lol! After 2017 New Year’s Eve I needed a calm one!

Most of the time I am careful not to make any plans because of momma. She has good days where she’s feeling good enough to get around the house on her own. Also there are bad days when the smallest chore is too much for her. My life is on hold to allow me to be in service to her so I take advantage when she gets the good days.

One such day was New Year’s Eve 2017 (going into 2018) and I was invited to an impromptu party. The hostess was my brothers ex and she is the mother of my niece. I arrived early so that I could help with any last minute details. The hostess of the party (we will call her Pat) and I made a store run for a few things. On the way to the store Pat and I are having small talk. I don’t know how we got on the subject of sex but we did. Pat is like 5 years older than me I think and she was complaining of menopausal symptoms. Basically she lost her libido.

I remember when she was younger she was very free with her sexuality and had no shame. Pat and her husband (we will call him George) had been married some 20 years or more. They had a rough start and middle in their marriage. Infidelities and mistrust was a sad staple in the cupboard of that relationship. I don’t know who did the most cheating. They both were pretty tough as far as that goes. Anyway, fast forward to New Year’s Eve and add me to the mix. You should know that Pat is like a sister to me. I met her when I was 12 years old. During her relationship with my brother she moved into my parents home and lived with us. Pat and I were close enough in age to get caught stealing out of a local department store. We had a relationship where for a while I did look up to her like a big sister. So my last New Year’s Eve evening went like the following.

Im standing in the alley with my brother and George. It’s about that time of day where the sky seems to grey and the light of day is fading. Loud music fills the air with the swoosh of the kitchen door opening, simultaneously I take my last drag off my cigarette and flick it into the alley. While in the motion of flicking my cigarette I turn to my left (towards Georges direction) in order to head back inside the home.

At the same time Pat is coming through that door that leads from the kitchen to the alley where we were all three of us (me, brother and George) were smoking. The beats and Lil John screaming “Yeah!” came from inside riding her tail as she headed outside towards the alley. Now my guess is, because of the incredible amount of mistrust that is set up between Pat and George anything is possible with me around.

Pat didn’t trust George and me being around would be too big of a temptation for him. She knew he would hit on me.

Later on in the evening at about 11:45 pm I am minding my own business standing in the front of the home smoking when Pat joins me outside. Pat has consumed at least 2-3 whole champagne bottles by now! Pat slurs her words but gets them out clear enough for me to hear her say, “Are you fuccin my husband?” Caught way off guard I stuttered and denied it! “No! I wouldn’t do that to myself or you!” “Has he ever hit on you?” Pat asked.

Why the fucc would I answer that question truthfully? Pat knew that George was whorish! Of course he hit on me! What I wanna know is why aren’t you more concerned with my reaction?

If I say that I never screwed him why should it matter whether he hit on me or not? It’s obvious that if he had it failed, because I didn’t fucc him!

Now at this time I didn’t own a car. My niece (Pat’s daughter) lives a few doors down. After kindly relieving myself of Pats presence I ask my niece for her key. Whats up? She says. I give her the rundown of the last 15 minutes of drama and she cussed! “Shit like this is the reason that I don’t come down here!” She continues “As soon as that ball drop we’ going back to my house!” “She worried about you, and she needs to be worried about Susan in there!” My niece goes back in the house to watch the ball drop, and I wait outside. By this time, I am doing some mental mathematics inside my head. I’m thinking about how this will be the last time I darken this door step. I know how to stay out of trouble!

It hurts to have her accuse me that way. I wouldn’t ever cross that linr. I haven’t seen Pat or George since that day. It is now January 27, 2019 and you would not believe how far she’s gone with her insinuations!