Above is a photo of my momma and sister Sue. My mommas name is Mary Jane Elizabeth and she was born on March 1, 1937. She was the third child (of fifteen in all) πŸ‘€born to Arland Columbus and Verbie Meadows. At 17 years old tired of being a worn out teenaged nanny to her younger siblings, because her mom stayed pregnant her entire childhood she married Kenneth Littleton and left the home. My mom is my hero! She said if she was gonna be stuck caring for babies all the time she’d rather they be her own! πŸ˜‚

Mom and Kenneth lasted long enough she said for her to get pregnant! Momma told me that once she told him that they were expecting a baby he took her back home and informed her that he was not ready for no kid! πŸ€” I’m like,”What you mean like she did this by herself?” That’s crazy right?! No! We are just getting started!

Not long after being dropped off at home did Mary Jane need to get back outta the prison of being big sister nanny to her many siblings so she moved out. I’m not sure of the details but I know she ended up with an alcoholic abuser 20 years older and 4 more kids.

My sister Marilyn Sue was mommas first born her birthday August 16, 1954. At 22 months old Mary Janes sweet mother-in-law hauled my momma to court and accused her of being a prostitute. The judge apparently believed her and took my sister away from my mom.

In May of 2018 (59 years later) I flew from LAX to Oklahoma City. My best friend hopped in a rental car and rode with me to Atkins Arkansas where we met my sister Sue lives. This was my first time meeting my sister in person. Sue was deathly afraid of flying in an airplane. She and my mom had been separated for nearly 60 years! My bestie and I drove Sue to California to reunite her and our mom Mary Jane.

It’s now January 2019 and I see mommas health really declining and she keeps saying that she’s tired. I know it won’t be long before she’s tired and tuckered out. It hurts to watch her go. It hurts to watch her fight to stay. I love her dearly and I want her to live forever but not like this. She’s now 81 years old. Momma has suffered two heart attacks, a stroke, type two diabetes for 35 years. She’s a tough ole bird! It does my heart good to see because it lets me know what I’m made of!

It’s a tough Friday evening after a tough week for us. Momma can’t do anything by herself now. I have to help her get out of bed to use her bedside commode. Today she says to me that she’s sorry to be a burden. It made me cry. Momma no! I wouldn’t have it any other way! It’s hard but I don’t trust anyone else to do it. As long as I can I will! I love her and I want her to be sure of that! She lived a hard life with a lot of painful things that happened. She lost all her kids but two. My brother and I were the ones that she got to raise, and I feel proud that I got to have her as my mom…I will spend the rest of her like making her just as proud to have raised me.

Loving my momma while I can