I thought I knew you. My mind made up I saw no reason to dwell.

You were just like the rest of them. In it for only yourself. This fact alone was easy to tell

Working every angle only in for selfish gain. You’d take from me what you could see and quickly be on your way.

You wouldn’t see the value of me or take a moment to try

To see if there was more to me than what meets your eye

With a made up mind I take a bit more time observing what’s in front of me

I’d been wrong in placing you among the others from which you came to be

A standout at best a light brighter than rest

You draw me into a place where I want to be the best I can be

So that possibly you could see what is meant to be might be with me

How could you not see? when everything in me rises up to greet you?

If not forever with you then for my good to do what I need for restoration

A demand for the best and quick refusal of the rest For the top is my destination