Quaintrelle Vibes

Some wounds dont heal
You cover them up
In lavish, embellished silk
And with a luxuriant swirl of your surcoat
You take your throne
And hold courts
Pronounce verdicts
On other battle scars
Aid them
Or punish them
As you deem it worthy
While you remain the untouched Queen
Living in a glass palace
Draped in fur and cashmere
Against the freezing storm
Little do they know
My Queen of trick or treat
That under your robes
Is your cold armour
That under all the grandeur
Are wounds that you nurture
Keep alive to feel free
That you sleep with a dagger
Under your pillow
And drown your aches
In spirits and merriment
Do they know that you
Have demons that trap you
In high towers every night?
Do they know they made you
Eat your heart for breakfast?

-Dhanya Nair

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