It’s 5:40 am and I’m at work right now doing my usual. It’s a waiting game for the first hour because everyone is still asleep. I start making them breakfast at 6 and that is when my work day begins to unfold. In the meantime I look at the internet or read my book.

This morning I came across a small post from an old acquaintance from high school. She had written a paragraph and posted 4 pictures below it. The pictures (3 of them) showed damage done to her house and the last picture featured a ghastly cut on her arm I believe. In the paragraph she stated how everyone saw how much she loved her man. She shared the images to show what he had done to her. I looked over the comments her Facebook friends had left her. All of them expressed concern and offered prayers and or support. I am moved to write about her story because I remember looking at her posts in the past and thinking of how she looked happy. The pictures of her with him didn’t show the sadness and violence. I only saw smiling. I only saw a couple of people who ‘fit together’. I recall saying to myself, “Even she has a good man of her own.” I recall being a little jealous for a moment. Thinking about how I seem to screw up every opportunity that I get.

All that glitters ain’t gold! It was not a great couple who had it all! She was being hurt by someone she loved. I am encouraged that being alone is better than having someone who hurts you. I am disappointed it’s another example of the hurt that’s waiting for someone who just wants to be loved.

To my high school friend we are no longer acquaintances. We are sisters and I pray for your healing. I hope for your journey that you find your way back to wholeness before you find another. Most importantly, I hope that you discover the new you and embrace the wisdom of your experience.

With love,

Encouraged but disappointed