It’s January 1 and now is the time for new beginnings. I look forward to discovering a new physique derived from a new way of life. I will lead this new way of life by loving myself. I will challenge my body to strengthen itself most days of the week in the recreation center. I will strengthen my mind with good study habits and excel at my studies. I will nourish my body with the food that it needs and my soul with the love on which it thrives. That love is guaranteed because it’s coming from me and Jesus. I choose to love myself the way that I desire love from another. With support, encouragement and grace. I know that I won’t always reach my mark because I am not perfect. Grace will lead me past my failures and cheer me on to my victories.

Today is day 1 of 2019 and day 1 of a new life beyond my friend D. Yeah we said goodbye before but he wasn’t ready for it. It warmed me inside to know that. I soon realized that it was just that he needed to adjust to the idea. I am pretty sure that he remains pragmatic in dealing with others emotions. It seems that is what gives him the best advantages in the case he is in need. He asked me for money and I wasn’t able to give it to him. With this predicament he was then able to release me. I hate to think that I was no earthly good to him without money but it’s the truth as he sees it. I’m ok with practicality, but I pray for his sake that he learns a good lesson about grace. I was nothing but kind to him. He wasn’t able to gracefully let me go. I don’t know maybe grace is a talent developed with time and experience. He simply needs to grow and learn for himself. I have already forgiven his disgracing me. I believe he just couldn’t do anything different. In the name of the Savior I decree and declare that D is graceful and lovingly deals with those who are kind to him. I forgive myself for being a bit too naive. It’s a lesson that I continue to work on I know that it will get better with time. This year I look forward to seeing how grace and love fulfill my life.

Signed d-is-graceful’s friend for life