Most of my grades are in for the fall semester. All but Chemistry and that’ll be there tomorrow since grades are due today. I’m excited to have made it through a university style semester of biology, chemistry, polisci and art all with a 2.9 GPA. Some may scoff at this but in my defense I also have a job and care for my 81 year old legally blind, hard of hearing, 2 heart attack/1 stroke surviving diabetic momma who is “somewhat” ambulatory and somewhat in continent! Had I known that it would be as hardcore as it was I would not have taken on so much! Which is why this spring semester is half time with human physiology and intro to creative writing. I’m excited to continue the repeating of my science courses and getting that done. That’s one step closer towards nursing, but the real treat is the creative writing! I love to write and I have heard from many that you don’t need to take creative writing courses to be a successful writer. I am a firm believer in preparation and there’s nothing wrong with that. Talent is important and I am hoping to have enough to not only chase my dream but see it realized. This class is not only about learning but also flexing my writing muscle.

I reread my posts and sometimes feel like there’s something extra that should not be there or something missing. I’m thinking some formal training will help me to discern a bit better when and where to tweak. I’m using this blog to practice my writing.

I didn’t think that many would be reading it if anyone at all actually. It’s pretty cool to get a like on this site cause it’s not like Instagram where most of my followers actually know me. It’s even more exciting to get a follow! I squeal like a kid every time someone follows me. It’s like someone finds my posts interesting enough to read and is even encouraged to see what else I write? Nice! πŸ˜† Even if it is just in support of a fellow aspiring writer I am ecstatic to have it all.

I’m grateful for the platform and attention. To my fellow bloggers thank you for stopping by and I wish you all good luck in your future!

Signed Encouraged