As it calls to me

I move in to see

The light that shines from you

Its in your smile

And in your eyes

Inviting me to do

Things that I would not, but

The closer I get

The more I feel

The warmth of it on my skin

The heat of seduction pulling me into

This place of pleasure and sin

I’m loving what you’re saying and the things you do, and

Although I don’t believe you

I surrender myself to counterfeit love just so I can feel you

If it cannot be real then

I’ll just steal

the moments

That I can

because after so long

of being denied

I’d rather be used

Than feel nothing

Even if it is a lie

They say that I should wait for the man whose love for me is true

But no one is here checking for me, no one but you

You pick and choose with your time to give

And who you give it to

I know I’m not the only one

Know that I choose to be your fool