advice-advise-advisor-7096It’s a lazy Sunday afternoon and I have plenty of studying to do. Final exams begin for me on December 6 with Political Science. Professor has decided that we are to write an essay explaining what are the powers of the President of the United States. We must consider how these powers are restricted or not by the Congress and, Judiciary, formally and informally. Following closely behind will be my Biology, Chemistry and Art final exams. This all could have happened just a couple of weeks sooner and I might have been alright. Every semester it is the same thing. It is the last few weeks and feel a crash and burn coming within my frontal lobe. It is as if my brain is in overload with too much information. This class load of thirteen units is considered full-time. I have classmates that are doing as much as twenty-two units, but they are at least half my age of 48 years, if not more so. I have one classmate who just graduated high school last may and is taking seven classes including the Biology and chemistry that we share. I mention him because he bares and uncanny resemblance to Philip Michael Thomas and I have a great time sitting next to him in class and examining every inch of his beautiful face.

Returning to school at 48 years old was not my first choice. I attended college in my twenties and graduated in 1998 with an Associate degree in Science. I became a registered dental hygienist and practiced for twenty years until my hands began to feel numb, tingly and weak. About ten years after I began my hygiene career these symptoms began and I saw a neurologist who after conducting muscle and nerve conduction studies gave me his professional opinion. “To put it plainly” he stated, “you have two choices. Surgery (this is not guaranteed solution), or change profession.” At that time I had three babies  to care for and a husband who for all intents and purposes was more like a room-mate. We split our bills in half and he wasn’t much help to me. I knew that I had to fend for myself, so I kept practicing until I couldn’t keep from dropping the instruments. After being fired from my last two jobs because of my inability to keep up I decided that I should go back to school and pursue my dreams.

For most of my life I have held two dreams for myself. One practical, becoming a registered nurse, and the other seemingly impossible, becoming an author. I love to care for others. It comes as naturally as breathing. I see a need and I jump in to help. I also love to read and write. This blog will be my first attempt to write to someone who may be interested to read, and not just a captive audience of a family member or a friend who is trying to be supportive.

That’s it for today! I’m going to keep chasing my dreams and writing down the journey as it unfolds!